Bradford Rogers: Guiro!


(Bradford Rogers)
Release Date: 
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rogers has performed with many artists like James Brown, Cee-Lo, Bobby Valentino, En Vogue's Dawn Robinson, Sleepy Brown, and Michael McDonald

The first thing that comes to mind when I listened to the first track off of Bradford Rogers’ latest album, GUIRO!, is that Rogers makes a very fine Jazz flautist. Everything else that follows in his music is just icing on the cake from the rolling tracks to the strange influences lingering within them. Of course, as a Jazz album, its also a plus that the album carries enough narrative in its moods to offer up an adventure of sorts as the album starts and finishes.

The title track kicks off the album and Rogers direction on flute is reminiscent, at times, of great adventure films like Indiana Jones or Romancing the Stone. Its has a very cinematic appeal to it that transports you, if you’ve ever enjoyed a well made adventure film, to dense jungles or mysterious temples. The rolling background bass line and expansive drum sounds give speed to the adventure providing further mood and ambiance to the opening track.

Are You Going With Me provides a more R&B feel to it with a bass line that, to me, felt more prominent in setting the mood for the track. Again I’m picking up a real cinematic vibe here, like an old 80’s cop show or film. It was also interesting that you can hear Rogers in-between breath’s while playing. Its not a feature on the track but it brings you closer to the raw delivery of Rogers and his rhythm section.

Chance (Intermezzo) is the first track off the album that didn’t bring up any kind of narrative, for me at least, and sounded more like a jam session between some great Jazz musicians. Rogers and his band really break it down here and, as it would seem, just play. Each section given an ample opportunity to show their stuff. The track features Nick Longo.

The Opener is the fourth track on the album and is definitely a jam type song. It has some elements that reminded me a bit of Medeski, Martin and Wood. Some synths and turntable like qualities. It’s a fine addition to the album as it follows a great set of tracks that each have their own style with a trademark proficiency that says quality, yet on this track the band isn’t afraid to have a bit of fun.

The final song on the album is All Blues, which as you may have already guessed, has a really nice blues groove at its core and a pretty soothing performance by Rogers as he kind of floats across this one with a playful exuberance that is met well by a fun guitar solo that flirts with a Space Rock feel.

All in all the entire album was an enjoyable experience that provided me with a perfect amount of quality tunes that never grew stale or felt as if they were covering the same old ground. Just a group of musicians doing what they do with a whole lot of cool. I definitely recommend so be sure to get a listen at Rogers official site where you can stream the album in its entirety and enjoy.

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