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Breaking Amish

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

People talk about taking things for granted, for four Amish and one Mennonite they will discover some of the pleasures of life that are not allowed in their community. This group of 5 travel to New York City to explore and have new life experiences. Getting to ride an escalator, getting on an airplane, getting clothes that are considered “English”, and even tattoos are some of the new experiences that these five friends get to have. This is the time that they will learn the ways of the world compared to the way they live in their community where none of these things happen or are allowed to happen. It will test their love, their faith, and it might lead them to not want to return to their previous life.

Here is another so called reality show that takes a group of people that don't know what they are going to be getting into and airs it for the world to see. In this case it's 4 Amish and 1 Mennonite as they try to change their lives by leaving their community to spend some time in New York City. That's actually something that's done, or at least from what I remember from school, there is a rule that allows the kids that are turning a certain age, becoming an adult, to go out in the world to experience life as it is without any rules, repercussions from their actions, and they can basically do what they never could do before and won't be able to do again once they go back home. That's what this show is about, these 5 people going to New York City to have those experiences.

Well I wasn't too impressed with this show, in fact I found it boring, pushing being annoying, and so far from reality that I've found some movies about talking animals more believable then this show. It's possible that these kinds of experiences happen when they get to leave their sheltered community to see New York City but this show don't make it seem real. There's only one word that can describe this “show”, drama. It's filled from second one of episode one to the last second of episode twelve of drama. What will they do when they get there, how will it change them, will they go back home? It's all such a big drama act that I couldn't enjoy the show.

I'd heard about this show when it first aired and I remember seeing some controversy that surrounded the show as it might not be all real. My reaction to this was, duh. What so called “reality” show is actually real with unscripted, unedited, unchanged, and multiple takes on recording are on air right now? This show does nothing to make itself stand out, it used the drama to make the episodes seem interesting, they followed the cast doing acts that they supposedly had never done before, and it's edited in all the same styles to make it seem more dramatic. This show, more than most of the other reality shows, seems to be exploiting the idea of this kind of experience that the Amish and Mennonites have to get ratings and have the show watched.

Lee Roberts
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