Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season

Breaking Bad

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Bonus Features

Commentary for Pilot & “Crazy Handful of Nothin’”, Deleted scenes, Inside Breaking Bad, Making Of Breaking Bad, AMC Shootout-Interview with Vince Gilligan & Bryan Cranston, Screen Tests, Breaking Bad On AMC, Vince Gilligan’s Photo Gallery, & Previews

Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher, he has a physically handicapped teenage son, and his wife is pregnant again. They struggle to make ends meet. After collapsing at work one day Walter finds out that he has lung cancer and he immediately starts to worry about the future of his family. While out on a ride-along with his brother-in-law, Walter gets a peek at how much money can be made by making meth. When he runs into a past student that is selling meth Walter takes the leap and becomes a cook with dreams of making enough money that his family can survive on after he is gone.

The acting is very impressive and the characters pull you in. The story is very interesting and is so much more than just a look at the drug scene. You also get the drama and emotions that come from a family watching a loved one battle with cancer. Watching Walter slowly start gaining confidence and take control of his life has you pulling for him no matter the situation. They also find a nice balance between the drama and some dark comedy that you may feel a little guilty for laughing.

While watching “Breaking Bad” I occasionally felt kind of dirty witnessing some of the things that was going on. But to me that just meant the story was doing its job. One issue I can see this show having in the future is dragging the story out for too long. With the DEA investigating, Walter battling cancer, his family asking questions about him disappearing, and just the nature of the drug world there is only so many setbacks and close calls that can happen before you feel they are just running out of ideas. But at this time that is not the case and I’m very intrigued in seeing what season two will bring.

Episode List:
The Cat’s In The Bag
…And The Bag’s In The River
Cancer Man
Gray Matter
Crazy Handful Of Nothin’
A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal

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