Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble: I Like Everything About You (Yes I Do!)

I Like Everything About You (Yes I Do!)

(Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble)

It didn’t take long for Crosspulse to get my brain moving. After the first track on their latest album, I like Everything About You (Yes I Do), I knew this was an album I wish had come out back when my kids were younger. An album chalk full of sparks of curiosity and infused with the beginnings of educational pathways parents and children can explore together.

The album features traditional music that sounds as if it were collected from around the globe. It features interesting instruments, the most impressive being the body instrument (yeah, it’s exactly how it sounds), as well as beautiful vocal work done by the group. I imagined, if my kids were younger, their fascination with the many sounds on the album from hand claps to spoon playing to hand drums and other instruments that would take some looking into would lead to conversations between the generations. The sounds being an opening for parents to widen their children’s artistic minds as you hit the internet looking up what made that sound or where this traditional music would come from within our world. There is just a vast collection of pathways that are open to you to guide your children’s curiosity sparked from the melting pot sound of the album.

This, Crosspulse’s first kids album, is one that I suspect will end up being an album that parents will end up listening to with or without their children. The craftsmanship of musical direction is fantastic, the feel of every song absolutely transporting, and a rhythm so intoxicating within each and every song you’ll be hooked and coming back time and time again. I highly suggest this album to anyone and everyone. Just amazing stuff. 

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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