Dark Streets

Dark Streets

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Running Time: 
84 minutes
Singing a song

Includes 9 original songs with vocal performances by Solomon Burke, Natalie Cole, Etta James, Dr. John, Aaron Neville, Bijou Phillips, Richie Sambora, Toledo and More!

Welcome to the Blues and mystery of Dark Streets. Chaz Davenport (Gabriel Mann) is a dashing playboy who has it all: a hot nightclub, two glamorous singers Crystal (Bijou Phillips) and Madelaine (Izabella Miko) and the most seductive music ever created playing from his stage. But when he enlists help to look into the sinister circumstances surrounding his father's death, Davenport's life spirals out of control.
That's the official description from the back of the DVD and here is my description. Chaz the lost, confused, unimposing, patsy of a nightclub owner is trying to run his nightclub while the city goes into these strange blackouts. During these blackouts Chaz has to pay off the goons that his now dead father owed money to but without the knowledge or money on how to do this he enlists help from Lieutenant (Elias Koteas). Then along the way Chaz has to figure out who killed his father, what is going on with the black outs, and has fallen in love along the way.
Now my thoughts on this movie are as follows, uh, what? Yep, I'm not quite sure what was going in this movie. At the beginning I thought it was going to be a story about blues and what goes on in this nightclub. Then next thing I'm trying to figure out what these black outs have to do with it and about the main characters father being killed. This movie might have been good if not for the lack of a good plot and acting. There are a lot of great visuals in this movie, from the clothes, the cars, to the smoky atmosphere of the club. Plus there's the music that's sung by these sexy and sultry women of the nightclub. I was more impressed with the singing and the dancing of the women then anything else about the movie.
Gabriel Mann does not do a good job in portraying his character of a popular nightclub owner. To me he came across as this guy who would have been best suited playing the creepy guy in the audience instead of the owner. Not one time during this movie did I get a connection to his character so I wasn't caring one way or another to what happened to him. As for the rest of the cast they did a somewhat better job than Gabriel Man but with a script that has these unknown plot lines that seem to drop the view right into the middle of the movie without any explanation it's hard to get a good job out of the actors. If not for the singing and the visuals of this movie I would have been really bored with it. The only plus about it was the movie is only and hour and twenty-four minutes long, any longer and it would have ranked even lower than what it does now. Which leads me to the deleted scenes. With a movie as short as this one some of those deleted scenes had no real reason to be cut out, as far I could tell. Some even would have made the movie a little bit better. If you are looking for a movie to watch that has some decent blues songs in it and has a sexy look then you will enjoy this but if you are looking to get a good plot you won't find it here.


Lee Roberts
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