Darling Companion (BLU-RAY)

Darling Companion

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Running Time: 
103 Minutes

The film is somewhat based on an experience Lawrence Kasdan and his wife experienced with a rescued dog of their own.

Darling Companion follows a very familiar formula when it comes to films fleshing out troubled relationships. Take a handful of people in relationships ranging from good to bad, throw a monkey wrench in their lives, watch them come together to solve this issue and see how they either mend their broken unions or go their separate ways. The monkey wrench in Darling Companion being a lost dog that Beth (Diane Keaton; The Godfather, The First Wives Club) rescued from the side of the freeway and that her husband Joseph (Kevin Kline; French Kiss, In & Out) lost.

Along for the ride are Penny (Dianne Wiest; Parenthood, The Odd Life Of Timothy Green) and Russell (Richard Jenkins; The Cabin In The Woods, The Rum Diary). Penny is Joseph’s sister and Russell just doesn’t see the attraction or agree with Russell’s life choices, especially in regard to how they will affect his sisters life. There is also Penny’s son Bryan (Mark Duplass; The League, Safety Not Guaranteed) whose girlfriend has abandoned him for a work retreat and who is finding an attraction to Beth and Joseph’s gypsy housekeeper Carmen (Ayelet Zurer; Man of Steel, Munich) who sees visions of where the dog may be. 

At first I hated this film. It was just another one of those films where the husband, a hard worker and earner for his family, must make apologies to his wife and children for the sacrifices he’s made to make sure they live comfortably and want for nothing. I really hate films like that. Somewhere along the line the film got funny, heart warming, nostalgic in that old Hollywood fashion where everything seemed normal and connecting and there was a bit of magic in the fold as well. While the journey was one we’ve made before the story was also a very touching film about getting older, understanding all there is to know and not know about love and accepting it, and it was a far cry from the usual Hollywood fodder. I highly suggest it to anyone whose been in a relationship that’s lasted longer then one Kardashian could bear. 

Darling Companion is near enough a perfect Blu-Ray release that you can hardly knock it for its one or two soft shots and few scenes that suffer from harsh lighting that casts a red shade over everything. The film is set in the Colorado mountains and takes advantage of the color scheme with gusto. Definition is fine, clarity is near perfect aside from the aforementioned hiccups, and color absolutely pops. While it’s not the most lively of films you’ll ever own you get your money’s worth in picture quality.

Audio doesn’t offer up a cinematic experience but it gets the job done in a mostly dialogue heavy film. Ambiance is captured well in the forest scenes and LFE gets its chance to shine during one particularly stormy night. Otherwise it’s your basic kind of audio track for a no effects film. 


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