On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Running Time: 
95 minutes

Henry writes best selling children’s books and has worked with the same illustrator Rudy for 15 years. But when Rudy passes away Henry will have to work with a new illustrator Lucy and risk breaking his contract with his publisher.

Oh did I mention that they are both a little off? Henry has to put piles of books on him self when he is stressed, he won’t ride in cars, he often sees his dead friend, and he certainly has commitment issues. Lucy has an ex that cheated on her, and huge mother issues as she is also her landlord.

Profanity runs rampant throughout the film which is fine by me, just thought the warning should be there if you are looking for a nice romantic comedy to bring home for the nite. Mandy Moore is sweet, cute, and funny just like all her roles. Billy Crudup plays the crazy person quite well. But if you take out all the out there quirks you are left with the basic romantic comedy. However it does gain some bonus points for the quirks as I am sick of seeing these kinds of movies where everyone for the most part is perfect. Certainly the feel of an indie flick; but if you and your love are looking for something new & don’t mind cussing this one might do the trick.

Review by Pandora
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