Dirty Grandpa

Dirty Grandpa

In Theatres: 
Jan 22, 2016
Running Time: 
102 minutes

Dirty is indeed the best word to describe Dirty Grandpa. The film is an all-out raunchy comedy that doesn’t try to excel by breaking new grounds in the genre. Instead, it blasts one crude joke after another in the hopes it leaves a lasting impression.  And boy does it ever. It just might not be as great an impression as one would hope.


Jason Kelly (Zac Efron) is the guy who seemingly has everything. He’s young, good looking, making big bucks working as a lawyer in his dad’s firm, and is about to get married. He has his life all figured out, or so he thought. After the death of his grandma, Jason’s grandpa, Richard (Robert De Niro), wants to take one last trip to Florida with his grandson and go golfing. While Jason believes it to be a good chance for him and his grandpa to catch up, Richard has other ideas now that he is newly single.


Audiences are usually accustomed to seeing Zac Efron as the wild partygoer in films and Robert De Niro and the calm and wise older gentleman, but Dirty Grandpa has the roles reversed. De Niro is about as raunchy as you can get for a R-rated film. No one is safe from Richard’s rantings about wanting to have sex with a young college student or his oddly specific life lessons. It’s clear that De Niro doesn’t care about the role being highbrow; he’s just here to have fun it seems.


And for the most part it works. I find him to be hilarious most of the time as he’s the one mocking Zac Efron for not wanting to go out. He’s essentially a horny teenage stuck in an old man’s body so expect plenty of drugs, sex jokes, and the occasional old man dick. Whether it’s really De Niro’s has yet to be established, but it’s there regardless. Zac Efron, meanwhile, is mostly there to just look pretty. There are a few jokes that are taken a little too far, but if there’s anything Dirty Grandpa does well it’s tow that line. Aubrey Plaza, who plays a young college student trying to sleep with De Niro, mostly crosses that line as the majority of her scenes with him can only be described as over-the-top and borderline awkward. I honestly didn’t think anyone could top De Niro’s foul mouth, but she makes him look like a saint at times.


Towards the last third of the film the story starts to get all preachy on audiences about how you should settle for the life somebody else wants for you, but rather take chances and live the life you want. It’s tries to be serious in an otherwise ridiculous movie, and it just doesn’t work.


Dirty Grandpa isn’t going to be winning any awards, but it’s good for a laugh. It’s a straight up filthy comedy that doesn’t hold back. It doesn’t expect itself to be anything more than that, so neither should you.

Matt Rodriguez
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