Doors Open

Doors Open

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Friday, January 15, 2010
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Is there such a thing as the perfect crime a crime that goes on without a hitch and with no one getting caught? 

Mike Mackenzie, Allan Cruickshank, & Robert Gissing are three friends who share the love of Art and are about to embark on a journey that will test there friendship, will and conscience.  Sitting in a wine bar one evening discussing the shame of hiding beautiful masterpieces in locked vaults the plan is hatched.  They will steal some of the paintings for themselves during the Open Doors Day when the Gallery opens its warehouse for public viewing, but how will they pull it off?  Allan and Mike thought that Prof. Gissing was just talking after all isn’t that what you do, pipe dream and hatch plans, but when things started to get deeper and deeper, it looked like it was really going to happen.

But, how are three men who have no idea how to committee a crime pull off the heist of the century without being caught, they are going to need help but from who?  In walks Chib Calloway a known gangster who happened to go to school with Mike, but can they trust him, how will they get him on board and will he be the liability they fear?  Chib is in over his head he owes money to dangerous people and he is looking for something to help him get out of trouble with the Hell’s Angels who have sent him a message in the form of a man called Hate.

How will this play out? Will they all get away with it? Who is the weakest link and who will crack first?  The planning and plotting will not get them out of the biggest mistake that they have ever made.  What started off as a few friends hatching a plan that wasn’t really going to happen has turned into a life that none of them had ever planned on leading or was it?

Ian Rankin is a fantastic storyteller, who puts you in the actual events happening in the book.  While reading the book you get caught up in the planning and staging and mindsets of all of the characters.  Doors Open will have you from the beginning it is a book worth reading for anyone who loves a great mystery with twists and turns and an ending that will shock you.

Review by Chrissy Shattuck