Dough Boys

Dough Boys

On DVD: 
Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Running Time: 
93 minutes

Four friends are small time when it comes to hustling, stealing here, betting there, and never messing with drugs. But when they steal some casino chips out of a warehouse and then unknowingly try to sell them back to the owner, they are given a deadline to come up with some money or they will all be killed. Stress, fear, and desperation take their toll on the group and put friendships to the test.

“Dough Boys” seems to be an attempt at another drama like “Boyz ‘N The Hood” or perhaps a drama/comedy like “Friday”. The story though is not as strong as either of those movies or the many others out there that give you a look at life on the streets. The story is rushed and you aren’t given enough time to grow attached to the characters. The film quality is low too. The footage can be grainy, and has an almost soap opera look to it. During some scenes there are awkward or long pauses between dialog and instead of being for dramatic effect it is more like someone is trying to remember their lines.

Sticky Fingaz gives a decent performance; but it is not that different from all the other characters he has played. Wood Harris is good but I have seen better performances from him. I can give this movie a small break though as it is very obvious that it is low budget. The story even manages to throw in a twist or two and some unexpected events. Not one that I would ever recommend to go out and pick up right away or to pay more than $5 for. It is one that if you like this type of genre and find it cheap could be worth a single viewing.

There is no chapter selection or bonus features

Review by Pandora
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