Dragon Ball: Season Two

Dragon Ball

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The World Martial Arts Tournament is over so Goku and his friends set off to find the four star Dragon Ball. They will have to face the elements and The Red Ribbon Army; but nothing will stop them. Dragon Ball has been released before in volumes but I’m glad to see it in this form similar to that of the DBZ series. There is the marathon play and textless songs, just like Season One. And like Season One that is all you get in way of bonus features. This one also includes is a booklet with the episodes and summaries and a guide to the characters.

The Flying Fortress Vanished
The Legend Of A Dragon
Cruel General Red
Cold Reception
Major Metallitron
Ninja Murasaki Is Coming
Five Murasakis
Mysterious Android No. 8
Horrifying Buyon
The Fall Of Muscle Tower
The Secret Of Dr. Flappe
A Trip To The City
Master Thief, Hasky
Danger In The Air
Bulma’s Bad Day
Kame House Found
Deep Blue Sea
Roshi Surprise
The Trap Is Sprung
Beware Of Robot
The Pirate Treasure
Blue, Black And Blue
Escape From Pirate Cove
Penguin Village
Strange Visitor
Arale Vs. Blue
The Land Of Korin
The Notorious Mercenary
Tao Attacks
Korin Tower

Review by Pandora
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