Elektra Luxx

Elektra Luxx

On DVD: 
Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Running Time: 
100 minutes

"Elektra Luxx" is a campy comedy about an adult film star who's leaving everything in the past now that she knows she has to grow up for her unborn child. Elektra moves away from celluloid to teaching sexology classes to women in the community. She seems to be doing alright for herself until an old friend reenters her life and gets her involved in a mini mystery; all while trying to figure out her new path in life.

While "Elektra" is definitely funny and quirky, it's a little disjunct in its storytelling. There are four separate story lines going on at the same time, but none of them seem to go together until the very last scene. Having so many characters and storylines isn't a bad thing, but you did tend to forget about one once another took over.

"Elektra Luxx" is the sequel to "Women in Trouble," which now that I've read up on the first film, this one makes complete sense. There are a few carry over characters from the first film including Elektra and this film seems to tie everything up in a bow. At least it ends on a happier note.

Also starring, Katheleen Quinlan as the woman who gets Elektra back on the right path; Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an amateur adult film blogger (and LOL funny); and Adrienne Palicki (almost NBC's "Wonder Woman") as Elektra's friend who is trying to find love after her stint in the biz. Surprise cameos by Julianne Moore and Josh Brolin (photo only) were also welcome additions.

All in all, "Elektra Luxx" was a llight character piece with lots of humour, but it's definitely not for the kids. This is adult subject matter, after all. Speaking of, there's a special trailer at the end of the credits that is worth waiting for.


Review by Jennifer Isbell