Eureka: Season 5 (PREVIEW)


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Fridays 9/8c
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eureka is a sci-fi dramedy that is entering its fifth and final season on Syfy on April 19 at 9pm. For longtime fans, I’m sure that this premiere is bittersweet: a reunion with a beloved cast, yet the beginning of the end. I’ve covered Eureka before here on Shakefire and my general opinion of the show remains largely unchanged. I think it’s an interesting show, with some fairly creative storylines. Yet I’ve never been able to shake a general layer of cheesiness that seems to envelope certain core elements of the show. Possibly due to its Syfy-level production values, it’s never completely resonated with me.

At any rate, season four ended with a cliffhanger and season five begins…well, I really can’t give anything away, can I? I will say that the resolution of the cliffhanger answers a few questions and created a lot more. To the credit of the show’s writers, they managed to take things in a couple of really interesting directions. Maybe it’s the knowledge that they’re in their final season, but the plotlines had me pretty intrigued.

I’ll leave it at this: if you’re a fan, you’re obviously not going to want to miss the season premiere…and if you’ve dabbled a bit in the past, now’s the time to get invested, especially with the storylines that they’re starting to unveil.

Jeremy Hunt
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