On DVD: 
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Running Time: 
90 minutes

Extraterrestrial is a simple story about two people who meet in a night club, have a hot night together and wake up to a world with UFOs floating in the sky and the city nearly deserted of people.

Julio (Julián Villagrán) wakes up in a strange bed. A woman (Michelle Jenner) is there, making breakfast. Her name is Julia - Spanish pronounciations, they sound much more similar. The streets are empty for a typical Sunday morning. A UFO hangs about the city in the distance. Angel, the next door neighbor (Carlos Areces) who has a thing for Julia didn't flee with the rest of the people, and Julia's boyfriend Carlos (Raúl Cimas) shows up.

In all that description it may sound like I'm downplaying the UFO, and I am, but so is the movie. Extraterrestrial is a romantic comedy. It's about two people who meet under odd circumstances who fall for each other despite the obstacles. It just so happens that many of the obstacles involve the UFO and the survival of humanity.

Extraterrestrial is delightful, delightfully funny and delightfully weird. And while I'm often not a big fan of foreign films without dubbed audio tracks (sometimes the need to read distracts from the movie), this one was great fun to watch.

The DVD includes a making of featurette which is quite insightful into the process of making the movie, most of it filmed during the making of the movie and not on a later press junkette where everyone just talks about how talented everyone is, so it feels very authentic. There are also a handful of director Nacho Vigalondo's short films, each of which is worth watching. It makes me really want to go check out his other film, Time Crimes.

Review by Jason Pace
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