Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files  (PREVIEW)

Fact Or Faked returns to Syfy with 12 brand new episodes in the continuation of its 2nd season. As an appetizer I was treated to the first episodes of the season return in which Fact Or Faked goes where it’s never been before as well as travels to Atlanta, Georgia to uncover a chilling video that has the cast divided.

I hate to start off another review for yet another paranormal reality show in the same fashion but I’m going to. I have seen every episode of this show up to this first episode of the season two return and at times the show can be grating. It’s obvious that when the group gets together to review some possible cases and then heads out to examine each case that they’ve been there and done that already. What your seeing is simply a rehashing of sorts, so if it looks or feels kind of rehearsed let me be the first to say I told you so. That’s just a part of the show you’ll have to grin and bear with.

The actual show has been under some heavy scrutiny by myself as sometimes it all comes off a bit staged. That being said I was pleasantly surprised when the group decided to avoid weird alien corpses or shiny bright balls of light flying over bridges in the small industrious town of wherever. This time the group meets up with a man whose body can do miraculous things, and it’s been documented several times, even in the book of world records. It’s the first time the show has built a case around someone who has all the proof positive for their story and it’s the first time that the crew put themselves in harms way all in the name of science. It was refreshing to not have my eyes rolling around in my head due to my extreme skepticism.  

The other case in Atlanta, Georgia involves possibly one of the greatest and most violent possession ever caught on film, aside from Linda Blair’s head spinning around and projectile vomiting. This is your run of the mill case which has half of the crew staging a mock set up to try and emulate the video to find out if the video is fact or faked. Honestly, I don’t even recall what happened. It was so unmemorable. It was also a real shame that the crew had so many other great cases they could have examined including one that involves a 8 or 9 foot Yeti.

Despite the fact that the show does come off a bit staged and hokey your never bored with it. I know my wife and kids aren’t (they eat this stuff up). In any case their the demographic for this show and they absolutely loved it so I guess it’s safe to say that Fact Or Faked is back and just as interesting as it’s always been. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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