Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

In Theatres: 
Jun 15, 2007
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 29 Minutes

When a strange force begins to create anomalies on Earth, readying the planet for destruction, the lives of the Fantastic Four are thrown into turmoil, again.  I don’t know what it was that I really disliked about the first film but I do know now that this film has been made it will go down in my personal memory as the first of the franchise. This was how it was meant to be done. There is a fluidity that occurs in this film that the other one lacked due to the fact that the cast seems at ease with one another and the film itself isn’t taking itself so seriously. I did get dejavu watching the opening minutes of the film though. It was maybe a little to, uh, Superman Returns, but lets not go there.

The Silver Surfer is voiced beautifully by Laurence Fishburne and embodied by Guillermo Del Toro favorite Doug Jones (I) who most might remember as Pan in Pan’s Labyrinth or Abe Sapian in Hellboy. I really thought that his being a CGI character would effect the way he interacts with the audience; to fake looking, limited mobility, not enough of a distinct characteristic in his features to create a mood about him and his actions. In the end I was wrong. Surfer is easy to invest your emotions in and he works wonderfully into the scheme of the bond between the members of the Fantastic Four.

The film itself is very well written. There is only one really bad one liner in the whole film and the comedic aspects are genuine feeling. In the last film I really felt Johnny Storm’s character was a mess of clichés embodied by an actor that I had very little faith in anyway. This time around Chris Evans is able to conjure up a good amount of realism in his characters emotional depth so that as an audience member looking to shake his head with disappointment I found myself willing to follow his character through the stages of his plot line. In the end he was probably the best character in the film aside from Surfer. Last but not least the finale.

Absolutely, without a doubt, the best and most climatic ending I have seen in a superhero film. The direction and visual was excellent and the action caused real tension and suspense. Ladies and Gentlemen, I was giddy. I wont say anymore then that about the end but it was an experience. I think if they have any IMAX showing of this film, that would be the way♦ to see the end of this one. An awesome spectacle in regular theaters no doubt but probably a heart attack inducing event to say the least at the IMAX. See this movie.

AJ Garcia
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