Five Corners (BLU RAY)

Five Corners

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Running Time: 
94 minutes

Genre of Movie:

It’s 1964, in the Bronx at Five Corners, and the bad guy of the block Heinz (played by John Turturro) has been released from prison for trying to rape Linda (played by Jodie Foster). Once Linda learns of his release she tries to convince her boyfriend Jamie (played by Todd Graff) that he shouldn’t try to be the hero by protecting her since the limp he now has is because of Heinz. Linda believes the only person able to protect her is the one that stopped Heinz the first time, Harry (played by Tim Robbins). Over the next 2 days of his release Heinz becomes obsessed with Linda and wrecks havoc as he goes through Five Corners trying to get her.

My Thoughts:
Man this movie was just so boring. It’s no wonder that I’ve never heard of “Five Corners” because there is nothing to really talk about from it. That is other then the lack of having any interesting subject, 5 characters that have no reason for being in the movie, and the main characters being so bland, there’s nothing that made me like it.
“Five Corners” is about this guy Heinz who tried to rape Linda, was stopped by Harry and Jamie, went to jail, got out, then tries to attack Linda again because he’s just wacko. While all this is going on there’s the characters Melanie (played by Elizabeth Berridge), Brita (played by Cathryn De Prume), Sal (played by Carl Capotorto), and then 2 guys that I never caught the names of who all just seem to appear in the movie for no reason. I thought at first maybe these characters where all going to meet, and in a way they did but not in any way that would give reason for them to be in the movie. At no time do any of these characters serve any sort of purpose, reason, or plot point to this movie at all. The whole time I kept waiting for something to happen with them but the only thing that did was them having screen time.

Aside from the characters of no reason making me confused, “Five Corners” was so drawn out about having this one guy going after the girl. It happens, I know, and the way the story evolves where the characters that are involved know he’s out to do something but until he does there’s nothing they can do about it. All well and good, but in a movie there must be more drama, more things happening, and some sort of action that happens that will continue to drive the story along. There’s nothing like that here. Just characters that seem to float along trying to figure out what they are going to do and then in the last 15 minutes of the movie the action finally happens.
I was also confused with Tim Robbins character of Harry. He’s this pacifist that seems to want to put himself in a fight because, well I don’t know why. This is how the movie made me feel the whole time, there’s a character, I seem them walking because, oh well I don’t know why, the end.
The acting given by all the characters is laughably boring. I can’t tell if Jodie Foster is actually afraid of this guy Heinz that once tried to rape her until the end of the movie. The way she seems like it’s just someone who called her a bad name for most of the movie is something that didn’t make any sense to me. All the actors just seem to be playing their roles in a daze, and maybe they were because they might not have known where this movie was really leading to either.

Blu Ray Aspect:
This is one of the times that just because it’s on a Blu Ray there’s some magical experience while watching it. The picture quality is poor, not where it’s bad, but compared to what a movie made in present times looks like on Blu Ray, this one that was made in 1987 looks just like that, it was made in 1987. There’s not spectacular about the way it looks or sounds, and I doubt there’s much that can be done to make it look any better because it is just an old movie that probably already was filmed on low quality film. Add in that there was no special features included on this Blu Ray, not even commentary, it could have stayed on DVD and never made any difference.

Last Though in A Sentence:
“Five Corners” takes an hour and a half to tell a story about characters that are uninteresting to see, along with characters that have no point being in the movie, and has it all turn out to be boring to watch.

Lee Roberts
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