For A Good Time, Call...

For A Good Time Call...

In Theatres: 
Aug 31, 2012
Running Time: 
86 minutes

Whether you’re about to head out to college for the first time or are looking to share an apartment in city, finding a suitable roommate is a daunting task, one that doesn’t always end up with someone you actually enjoy being around. For Lauren and Katie, their hatred of one another originated from a drunken party and a cup full of urine. Years later they would be living together out of necessity and the result of a conniving scheme by their mutual friend Jesse (Justin Long). What starts off as a deep disdain of one another soon blossoms into a thriving relationship and business venture into the world of sex line operators.

Based on the real life experiences of Lauren Miller and Katie Anne Naylon, For A Good Time, Call… is a raunchy female buddy comedy full of dick jokes and awkward sex conversations. In an effort to raise some money, Katie (Ari Graynor) has been working as a phone sex operator for some company. While the pay isn’t great, it’s easy money for her. It’s only when Lauren (Lauren Miller) moves in and discovers Katie’s secret life that the two decide to join forces and form their own personal service and essentially cut the middleman out of the picture.  There’s a lot that can happen between running a business and building a relationship, though.

The funniest moments of the film involve the clients, of course. It’s disgusting but oh so hilarious. It also helps that the clientele consists of comedians such as Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith. Each person brings their own style to the scene, and you’re almost always guaranteed a laugh, whether it’s from the awkward faces/noises being made or the downright disturbing requests some of these people make. If this is an accurate representation of how real phone sex lines operate, then more of these stories need to be brought to light because they’re an absolute riot.

Besides the hilarious conversations, Justin Long as the gay best friend Jesse absolutely steals the show. Everything he says is funny and his character really drives the film forward. Plus, the whole Lion King bit in the middle of the film will leave you in stitches. When he’s not on screen, both Miller and Graynor do a fine job at keeping up the momentum he starts.

For A Good Time, Call… continues in a successful line of female comedy films that show that women can be just as raunchy as men. It’s smart, funny, and even a little bit sexy. Definitely call your local theater and find of if this gem of a film is playing. You won’t regret it.

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