For A Good Time Call (BLU-RAY)

For A Good Time Call

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Running Time: 
88 minutes
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Recently dumped by her boyfriend for being boring, Lauren (played by Lauren Anne Miller) must find a place to live before she ends up in the streets. Her only option is to move in with the girl she hates, Katie (played by Ari Graynor), a wild, free spirited girl who some might believe is a little on the easy side when it comes to men. About to be evicted because she can't pay the rent, Katie must agree to letting Lauren stay with her even though she don't like Lauren either. When Lauren discovers that Katie works as a phone sex operator their relationship takes a turn where the two become business partners and friends. As the girls grow closer to each other because of their new business venture problems arise when Lauran is offered another job. Now what brought them together might tear them apart.

For A Good Time Call was not what I expected, it was what I expected and more. Which ends up being a good thing because it's a fun and funny movie to watch. Thinking this was going to be a "chick flick" about 2 girls who are the complete opposite of each other ending up being friends ended up being 2 girls who are the complete opposite of each other becoming friends. See, it was what I expected but there's more to it than that, it's actually funny. This movie has a plot that's been done in thousands of movies about 2 people who first dislike each other find out that they are good people and they like each other but then ends up they face some problems that will tear their friendship apart and by the end of the movie they have to figure out a way to work out their problems to become friends again.

Here's the little twist to the story, they operate a phone sex business. Which is not really new either but because the script is well written with funny lines and funny moments being put in, I found that I liked watching this. Though this could be called a "chick flick" or a movie that would be geared for females, it's a little more than just that. The comedy in it is dirty, not like a raunchy dirty that you keep a secret that you watch but a dirty that makes you laugh. Sure this is a crude comedy with some graphic talk being said but it's done in a witty manner that made it funny because it was crude and dirty. It's predictable, I knew what was going to happen as soon as the movie started, and except for the reason the two hate each at the beginning, which was unexpected and really funny, and a little gross.

It helps out that the two actresses, Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor, give a good performance as their characters. These two make their characters seem like they belong together, even when they don't like each other you can tell they are supposed to be friends. Not sure what role Justin Long really plays in this other than being the one to bring the two girls together but his role could have been taken out and replaced with a newspaper ad. This movie also moves along a little too quickly where one minute the two hate each other and the next they are best friends. I would have liked to seen more of the girls hanging out as their relationship grew. It seems like all it took for them to become great friends was talking sex to strange men on the phone. Then again maybe that is the point and that is all that it took for these two to be friends. But still, I would have liked more in the movie showing the girls doing stuff where they were how they are forced to be together at first slowly becoming them wanting to go out together. For A Good Time Call is a guilty pleasure that I did find funny, it's one that I enjoyed, it's well structured, minus the quickness, and it has decent acting in it, and yeah it might be a movie with some raunchy bits in it, it might not be the most well built friendship movie, but it's funny and it has some funny cameos from actors like Kevin Smith and Seth Rogan.

The colors on this Blu Ray are nice and pop off the screen. Some of the colors are a good contrast to each other where they come across on the screen looking really nice. There's not a lot of bright colors in this movie, mainly the primary colors but they have sharp clear look to them. This movie has a movie look to it where it's not so clear and detailed that it looks like it's actually happening in front of me but rather it looks like a well colored and formatted movie with a clean picture. Most of all this Blu Ray has a really good audio level, which when the girls are going at it with their lines might be a little too good because if you have the volume up where others can hear it they will be able to clearly understand what you are watching.


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