Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - OVA Collection (BLU-RAY)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: OVA Collection follows in the same footsteps of its predecessors in the visual and audio department. Colors are vibrant or purposefully muted for effect and definition is spot on giving some of the more artful shots a surreal appearance (see The Tale of Teacher as Izumi walks out of a bar and the camera slowly wides out from inside a local bar following her between the outer doors revealing the town outside). If your familiar with the series on Blu-Ray you already know what to expect. The show has been given the kid glove treatment for best picture and audio quality.  So how was it?

The OVA collection contains a handful of very short presentations, some of them revelatory and some of them just a bit of fun. The Tale of Teacher is a great episode which acts as a precursor of sorts to the episode in which Eric and Alphonse visit Izumi for the first time and she drops them off on an island for a full month with nothing but a knife and their wits. The episode ends on a hilarious note which tells the story of Izumi and Sig and how they met. Then you have two separate episodes that feature back stories on Roy Mustang and Riza. Both stories explain their involvements in the military and what drives them. Riza is pretty straight forward, especially because she plays a background character in her own tale, but Roy Mustang’s tale is far fleshed out revealing the brutality of war and the sometimes unfortunate reality that at times it is a necessity and some men must rise to the occasion. The best of the collection, and the creepiest, is the first installment on the disc titled The Blind Alchemist in which Eric and Alphonse travel to meet an alchemist who may have successfully accomplished a human transfiguration, bringing a little girl back to life. Heartbreaking and creepy.

The bonus features for the disc contain sixteen mini-episode panels that are fun oddly drawn little snippits that I feel work as a blue moon occasion bonus feature. Once you’ve seen them for the first time I really feel like you’ve used up almost all of their entertainment value, for awhile anyway. Hardcore fans will love them to death but as an overall, in terms of the entire presentation, it's about fifty fifty that you'll undertand it and enjoy it if your not a fan of the series. Fans should get a major kick out it.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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