Greenland is Melting: Where Were We

Where Were We

(Greenland is Melting)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Folk music is one of those styles of music that can be fun to listen to even when the person listening to it don’t like the music. The combination of instruments like the banjo, fiddle, guitar, and even at times a jug, the sound being created is usually one that is bursting with fun beats. Greenland is Melting has put out a folk album called Where Were We that has 13 songs that have a mixture of bluegrass with folk being backed by lyrics that are more surprising than how well the songs sound.

My first impression of Where Were We did not include it being folk/bluegrass but more of a heavy metal possible grunge music. Having a skeleton drawn on the back cover was one reason for this impression along with seeing titles to the songs “The Dead Are Watching” made me think I was in for some loud, fast, hard music. Instead I got the twang of bluegrass, the slower rhythms of folk, and songs that almost want to get stuck in my head. However, what I was really surprised about was some of the lyrics. Even with the folk sound being used I did not expect a song like “The Dead Are Watching” where it seems to be about zombies. I’ve heard a few songs about zombies before but they are of the grunge variety with hard riffs and lots of screaming, this is the first folk/bluegrass style song about zombies that I ever heard and it was good.

With a track listing of 13 songs the CD was finished before I expected it to be. In fact it seemed to be a really fast set of songs until I noticed that it was about the average length of an album, what made it go by fast was the songs being well played. By the end of the album I had enjoyed the beats enough that I had to listen to it again. Greenland is Melting is one of few folk bands that I would actually want to have in my CD collection because of the harmonizing that they are able to do with their songs. All pieces of the puzzle has come together for these songs, the vocals that make the lyrics clear and understandable, the lyrics that tell stories that are interesting, and the instruments that give it the fun sound that make me want to smile all created a fun album on Where Were We.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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