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Tuesday, August 7, 2012
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Deleted and Extended Scenes, The World of Grimm, Making Monsters, Audition Tapes, and more

Portland Police Homicide Detective Nick Burhardt (played by David Giuntoli) was leading a normal life with his beautiful girlfriend. He worked a job that he loved, he worked that job with his best friend and partner Hank Griffin (played by Russell Hornsby), everything he wanted was going the way he wanted it until he discovers that he’s a hunter of fairy tale creatures, a Grimm. Now as Nick hunts down creatures right out of stories of lore, he becomes friends with Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell) a Blutbad, a wolf like creature closely resembling a warewolf. Now life for Nick has taken a turn as he must find a way to see what only he can see while stopping creatures that want to see him dead while continuing to do his day to day job as a homicide detective.

Grimm has a plot that I like, it’s one I seen before but it’s one that works, the stories of the famous fairy tales are alive and living in the real world. It’s a great idea, take what is now story and myth and make it real. Could these stories be real? Maybe, probably not, but if you take the idea of the fairy tale where magic is real and there are werewolves, evil witches, and they have the ability to hide their true nature, then yeah why not. That’s what the show Grimm does, it takes what we’ve all heard, doesn’t matter the specifics of the fairy tale, what matters is we’ve all heard fairy tale stories and this show tells us they are real.

The plot caught my attention but I got to say the first half of this first season for Grimm struggled. It has a great plot idea, the cast works well with each other, the actors do a good job with their performances, but the beginning of the season seemed to be more about what creature is Nick going to fight next while trying to hide who he is from his partner and girlfriend instead of developing the characters and the plot. During the first half of the season the episodes seem to be more concerned with showing new creatures that this new Grimm must fight where he has trouble coming to terms with his new situation in life. Though I liked the first half, it still has some decent writing, the editing is done in a way that keeps the hour long episode flowing nicely, and the cast gives a believable performance with their characters, it was still a little stale. Before the next episode was seen I already knew what was going to happen, some creature kills someone at the start, Nick goes to investigate, he sees that it’s a Wesen (that’s the German name for what the creatures are called), goes to Monroe to ask about them, looks in the book that’s in the hidden trailer, and then fights the Wesen while trying to keep his partner and the rest of police department out of it.

That’s the first half, and though the second half still had that same format it also added in new elements to the show that kept me interested in watching it. Now instead of Nick going around fighting new Wesen’s there was a element of mystery to his story. What is really going on in the background as his boss Captain Sean Renard (played by Sasha Roiz) pulls strings to bring Nick in contact with certain Wesen while also keeping him away from any real information. Grimm now has a dark story that has different plots going on where there are unknown characters talking to the main characters about things that I still don’t really know all while we get Nick fighting these really cool looking creatures. I really enjoy this show, it’s one that started off with a good idea but semi weak plots became a show that has a strong cast with episodes that drew me into them making me want more.

Grimm on Blu Ray:
I got to say the first and most liked feature of this Blu Ray is the Ultraviolet edition that comes along with it. Having the option of watching this show now on my smartphone anywhere I go is a great bonus and also the first for me for television shows. As for the way this show looks on Blu Ray is right up there with having it on Ultraviolet. The show was shot digitally making the transfer to Blu Ray very sharp and clear. There’s a lot of detail that can be seen on this Blu Ray where everything is shown in clear detail, even the CGI effects of the creatures look real. Having the CGI effects look more real then cartoony was nice and improves the enjoyment of the show but having it on Blu Ray looking so detailed with the sharp colors was really nice. My only problem with the Blu Ray is the packaging while it’s also one of the cooler features of the Blu Ray. For the downside, the case is a folded cardboard that already has a slant to it and don’t seem too sturdy. Not that bad but I would have preferred it to have some plastic in it to give it a stronger body. As for what I was impressed with, the list of all the different Wesen and the information given about them. This was a fun read to have before and after each time I put in and took out a disc making this Blu Ray one of the more enjoyable Blu Rays beyond the way it looks on the screen.

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