Haunted Collector (PREVIEW)

Do you have ghosts in your house giving you a hard time or just scaring the jeepers out of you? If so there’s a chance that the spirit is not really in your house but possibly in an object that was at one time connected to the spirit in life. That’s where John Zaffis and his crew come in to help find out if what you are experiencing is a real haunting or if it’s just a person’s imagination running wild. If the team finds that there is a spirit then they set about finding what object is causing the haunting and find a way to dispose of the object allow the home to be free of the haunting spirit.

Alright, I’m not one to believe these ghost/haunting type reality shows. For one I don’t really believe there are ghosts out in the world knocking over vases, banging on doors, or trying to drip blood from a basement ceiling. Which is why I don’t watch any of the shows that are supposed to be about hunting down ghosts and spirits. However Haunted Collector is a little different from the rest because of instead of setting up cameras in a room in an attempt to record some blurry form of a spirit passing by the cameras lens, John Zaffis and his crew search for an object that contains the spirit and then they get rid of it.

In the premiere episode of season 2, Haunted Collector takes the team to Warsaw, Kentucky where a woman there feels like her home is being haunted. She’s had things falling, doors opening, sheets being pulled off her, and even getting a shadow passing by the second story window. When the team is finished checking out the house in Kentucky, they venture off to Huron, Ohio in the second half of the show to free the abandoned silo of the spirits that is supposed to haunt it before the building is imploded. That’s all I will give about the show because I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for anyone that actually likes this type of show. For me though, I found the show more humorous than suspenseful.

From the start to the end I was laughing because of how corny the subject is on the show. John Zaffis claims that an object can contain spirits of the now dead owner and it’s because of these objects the spirit haunts the living. Once that object is taken out of wherever it is, then there will be no more disturbances. Well, I have a question, what happens to the spirit? If it’s the object that is haunted than wouldn’t that just mean wherever it’s taken the spirit will go along with it, in which case means that new location is going to be haunted, that place being John Zaffis’s paranormal museum. At any rate, that’s one of the things that kept coming up in my thoughts, along with, oh these people are just crazy.

Aside from not believing any of it, the voices, the dripping of blood, and everything else the show is pretty much the typical format for a thriller type show. They incorporate the night vision cameras to give the scene this creepy green look that makes you think something is going to happen. Along with that the editing is done where a lot of the time there’s static being thrown in to give it the look as if some sort of spirit is disrupting the signal. Most of all they use the technique that’s been used since the dawn of television, go into the commercial break leaving the viewer wanting to see what’s going to happen next, then coming out of commercial make them wait for a few moments before showing them what happened. It’s a good technique to use and I must say there were a few of them in the episode that had me wanting to know exactly what it was that the team had found. Especially when they where in the silo, that one had a creepy vibe to it because it’s true that construction workers died while building such large structures, and that there are some that have had their bodies left in the building. I didn’t believe that the lost guy had been haunting it but it was interesting to watch to see what they found.

And that’s what makes this show have it’s interest, what will it be that John Zaffis and his team finds. I could care less about what the people who think they are being haunted are doing on the show, I found it funny and over the top with the equipment that was being used, and didn’t find any of it believable, but I did find that the show has some entertainment aspects. It’s not one that I would watch on a weekly basis but it’s one that I would flip to from time to time just to see what might be going on.

Lee Roberts
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