Haven: Season 1 (BLU RAY)


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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Bonus Features

Mutliple featurettes including “Welcome to Haven,” “VFX of Haven” and “Mythology of Haven,” Cast/crew audio commentary on select episodes, Sneak Peek at Season 2.

When an ex-con turns up dead on a beach in Haven, Maine the FBI sends out Agent Audrey Parker (played by Emily Rose) to investigate. Everything about the death is not sitting right with her even with the rest of the Haven police force saying it’s just an accidental death. Staying to look further into the death Agent Parker soon discovers that Haven, Maine is more than a small port town with a powerful secret.

Here’s the easiest way to describe what the show ‘Haven’ is about, it’s based off the Stephen King story called “The Colorado Kid”. Now I didn’t read that one, but come on if it’s a Stephen King story it’s not going to be the typical mystery or typical town. Which ‘Haven’ is not typical for anything but being a typical Stephen King story but beyond that it’s got some serious mystery involved here.
What the show is about is a town that has people with powers that for some reason are doing bad things, though sometimes not by choice. Because of these actions that are being committed, such as like a woman that can get pregnant and have a child within a few days but the father ages to die of old age in the same day as well, the FBI Agent Audrey Parker investigates all the mysterious happenings. So with a plot where the story involves a town where people can age fruit when angry or when asleep their dreams can cause the death of some I should be liking this instantly. I do in fact like the show but it’s not one that I’ve become addicted to where it’s a must see.

My first complaint about the show was how easily the character of FBI Agent Audrey Parker adapts to knowing there are people that have powers. She was investigating a death of a con then she finds out that a woman can change the weather when she’s upset but instead of freaking out with this knowledge, without trying to investigate how that woman can do that, or just wondering what is going on in this town of people with powers, she just says ok, I’ll stay here and be a cop. This show wouldn’t have been good if they had made the character freaked out in every episode but the pilot she could have some emotion about the fact.

Aside from that the show is decent, not great, and as I said not a can’t miss show but one that’s still enjoyable to watch. The main character is Audrey Parker who works with one of the local cops Nathan Wuornos (played by Lucas Bryant) who can’t feel any pain because of some disorder he has that keeps him from feeling any sensation, and the other minor characters are Duke Crocker (played by Eric Balfour) who is the town bad-boy who is not liked by the local cops, and the 2 brothers that run the town paper Vince Teagues (played by Richard Donat) and Dave Teagues (played by John Dunsworth). All the rest of the characters that appear on the show are mainly just episodic characters that only have a point to be in the one episode. For the most part these are the characters that end up having the powers or are an extra that is talked to for a second to find out about the people with powers.

Though I do like the show, there’s a good story behind it with some decent acting being done by Emily Rose and I like the interaction between some of the characters, mainly the characters of the Teagues brothers and Agent Parker. Still, with good plots, decent acting, and a main character that looks very good on screen, the show lacks any real hook. ‘Haven’ is a show that’s supposed to have mystery and intrigue, which it kind of does, but not enough to be what it wants to be. I don’t sit on the edge of my seat wanting to know what’s going on or what’s coming next, nor do I have any thoughts of this show being a big mystery. In fact with the format being set up where each episode shows a new person with some weird power that comes to a end but no answer, I’m not wondering what’s next. This is because I know what’s next, another episode with another person with mysterious powers that will come to an end by having Agent Parker find out they have powers. With a more mystery to this show and I would like ‘Haven’ a lot more.

I didn’t watch this show when it aired on television so can’t compare the way it looked then to the way it looks now on Blu Ray but I can say how good it looks just as Blu Ray. It’s amazing how sharp this show is as well as being clear. Even in scenes where it’s dark where most other shows would have some grain and noise in the black spots, this Blu Ray has reduced that noise down so much that’s hardly noticeable. Though one of the best features on a Blu Ray television show is the extras. This 4 disc show has some really fun features to watch like the making of and the behind the scenes. For a show that’s just mediocre the Blu Ray is great.

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