On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Running Time: 
88 minutes

Based on a Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti Novel

Jack and Stephanie are on their way to another marriage counselor to try to fix their marriage after a horrible accident drove them apart. Lost they take directions from the Sheriff and then their tires blow. Searching for a phone they enter a creepy looking Bed and Breakfast to use the phone. Inside they discover another couple that is in the same predicament as they are. As the storm continues and the phones are out the four must make nice with the creepy owners; but soon they find out that there is more to the house than they could have imagined. Fighting for their lives and having to face the sins of their pasts no one is sure they will make it out.

I watched “House” and thought it was alright. For me it was a thriller masquerading as a horror movie. They lead up to horror situations but no one is really killed violently (and if there is any it is not shown) and most of the tortures of the house are more mental. So it doesn’t really have any bodies being slashed up or blood gushing everywhere. Then I did some searching and found out that this is considered a Christian horror movie and that is a rising genre. It then all started to click.

There is a good vs. evil vibe that grows stronger and stronger as the story moves along. There are some depictions of devil worshipping and some creepy situations that never really go past just being eerie. Some scenes of the characters facing their sins reminds me a little of “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey” when they are have to pick doors and face fears from their youth. That bunny wind-up toy still freaks me out. It is rated R for violence and terror; but I didn’t really see this matching up to other R movies out there. Not one for those that want a slasher feel like “Friday the 13th” or “Halloween” and not as thrilling/violent as “Saw”; but it falls somewhere in between the two almost like a kid friendly version (though I would not recommend this for kids). Truthfully I found this to be a decent thriller even before knowing it was considered Christian.

Review by Pandora
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