Hung: Season 3 (Preview)

Hung stars Thomas Jane (The Punisher) as Ray Drecker, a former high school sports legend whose slumming it as a high school basketball coach who finds a way to supplement his income by using his biggest asset. No, its not his sports knowledge.

My introduction to Hung is titled “What’s going on downstairs? or Don’t eat Prince Eric”. I am introduced to Ray Drecker at an ice skating rink where he is enjoying a leisurely go around the ice with a woman while another woman is attempting to grab his attention. What does this other woman want? Well, to tell Drecker that his date might very well be a man. So goes my introduction to Hung, but wait, it gets better. As the show rolls along I find out that Drecker’s extra curricular employment is as a male escort and that, despite his earlier success with the job, he is faced with stiff competition from another younger escort. While the episode may not enlighten me as to what has been going on with the series thus far it works as a pretty decent stand alone with some parts that require very little back story.  

Does Drecker find out if his client is a man or a woman? Does Drecker throw up his hands to the whole affair and hand the he/she off to his competition? If not what can Drecker learn from this experience? Along the way awkward conversation ensues, sometimes silences, suspicions will be raised, and I come to the conclusion that there is a reason why Thomas Jane has never met with success as an actor (he’s pretty terrible in this show). I’m not quite sure if the show is based in Minnesota or Canada or something, but Jane’s character speak is awfully flimsy. It’s also good to see actor journeyman Lennie James is still finding no difficulty in acquiring roles. It’s an interesting show with a good premise but I think they could have done better then Thomas Jane. I’m just saying.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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