iCarly: The Complete 4th Season


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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My kids have watched and enjoyed iCarly for a long time. Miranda Cosgrove has been a familiar face in my household since her days as the  dastardly little sister of Drake and Josh. Cosgrove hasn’t improved as far as her acting skills are concerned, they may have even diminished a bit, but the show as a whole dropped down quite a few notches on the entertainment spectrum with this release.

The cast has grown stale, plain and simple. Sam has always been kind of an annoying character but here she is just a violent bully with no real purpose on the show. Jerry Trainor who plays Cosgrove’s older brother seems to be channeling a young Jim Carrey in almost every scene. If I want to see Jim Carrey I’ll watch a Jim Carrey film, and I don’t want to see Jim Carrey. Nathan Kress and Noah Munck seem like their ready to graduate from High School. Neither of which offers much to the show either. It just seems like whoever was writing this series kind of gave up and figured no one would notice.

The season comes with 11 episodes (including the 2 part special iStill Psycho). Honestly I don’t think there was one episode that really had me rolling. It’s just more of the same formulated writing that Schneider seems to have become accustomed to (see Victorious). Just rude behavior, violent behavior, and no real attempt at actual humor, just a lot of shock comedy. The season is padded with 5 bonus episodes of a show titled How To Rock which I didn’t bother to watch. All in all I just chalked this season up to a loss. Maybe season five will be better. Maybe.

AJ Garcia
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