Irata: Vultures


Release Date: 
Thursday, November 1, 2012

Greensboro, NC band Irata has released their new EP titled Vultures. Vultures is the name of the bands new and first EP to be released the day before they go on their tour on November 1, 2012. This 3 man band might only have 5 songs for their first release but they are 5 songs that have a better sound than most bands putting out full albums and have been around for awhile. Irata has a mature sound to their music, and no I don't mean that they sound old or playing songs for the older folks in the world, I mean they play as if they have been playing for a while and have had their music grow. Not that I can say they haven't been playing together for the past years and finally decided to release an album, but they have the sound as if they have been.
Right from the start I liked the songs being played on this EP. The songs are strong, they have a lot of energy being put into them, and these are fun songs to listen to. Opening the EP is the song "Old Smoker", which starts off with this fuzzy, electric, metal sound that grabbed my attention. In those first few seconds of the song I was already feeling the energy filling my body getting me prepared to do some head banging. Then the vocals were shouted out of my speakers and even though I was already paying attention, the vocals of Jon Case can't be missed. His voice has this rough, raspy, yet smooth sound to it that gives the songs grit to them. It's also what made me like the songs from the start, at least one of the reasons I liked the songs from the start.
Along with the powerful vocals being belted out by Jon Case there's also the drums being played by Jason Ward. "Keepers Maker", track 2 on the EP, was my favorite song out of the 5 and that's because of the drums. Even though the song opens up with the guitar Cheryl Hall, which that beat being played is good and a little bit hypnotic, it's the subtle drums in the background that gives the song it's support. These songs where crafted well, they have a well-mixed sound that has balanced out the chaotic mess with skilled, precision playing. This might be metal, it might be loud, though not screaming until pass out loud, and the songs are solid. Irata has some skills; they've made a sound for themselves on this EP, one that I would like to hear live to see if they remain the same with the intensity and energy that they use on their EP.


Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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