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The Complete First Season
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Jonah is a child, but he’s also a killer, a hit man and a soldier. He hates guns, hates arms dealers for the devastation they leave in their wake, but he finds himself protecting one of the biggest arms dealers of them all, Koko Hekmatyar. 
When I caught the trailers for Jormungand on another Funimation release the first thing that came to mind was Requiem For The Phantom, another tale of a seemingly innocent bystander who finds himself in the company of killers, and eventually becomes the top killer. Lots of explosions, lot of interesting characters with eccentric character uniform. It didn’t engulf me with interest but it was in my workload so I tuned in and dropped out hoping for the best. 
My first issue with the series was that it takes so long for anything invest worthy. We find Jonah on a sandy battlefield surrounded by corpses (as seen in the trailer) and then we quickly jump to Koko and her crew with Jonah effortlessly placed in their midst. There’s hardly a back story as we jump straight into Jonah killing a hit squad as they try to take out Koko and his slowly progressing personality. 
Most of my time was spent watching Koko act a bit delirious, a lot of “cool” stand offs and Koko’s crew fleshing themselves out as brains, brawn, and somewhat goofy (but still deadly). 
We find ourselves in the midst of a few battles, even a two parter that was a bit meh, before we finally get any kind of revelatory glimpse at anything worthy of a story. Its finally here where things get interesting, but sadly the last episode on disc one. 
Visually the series was mind blowing. It reminded me of Phantom, a bit like Black Lagoon, and even a bit like Darker Then Black. The characters don’t stand out against the mostly bland background world of the series, but their personalities keep them interesting. All in all though the series moves slowly before giving you something to keep you moving forward, it just requires patience and faith that what’s been offered will pan out into something worth the wait. 
AJ Garcia
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