Kidnap & Ransom: Complete Series 1 and 2

Kidnap & Ransom

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trevor Eve (Waking The Dead) stars in and producers this gripping BBC drama titled Kidnap and Ransom. Eve plays Dominic King, an experienced Kidnap and Ransom hostage negotiator who spends most of his time in foreign countries, much to the dismay of his wife and daughter, helping to solve hostage scenario’s.

In this two season collection King must rescue a woman kidnapped in Cape Town who is being held by a kidnaper sinisterly played John Hanna (The Mummy). Coming off of a failed hostage recovery King is reluctant to let this one end in another fatality, but when everything seems to be going right King can’t help but feel there may be something else involved in the case that he is missing. Will he rescue the woman before she becomes another mark in the loss category or can King negotiate her release and figure out what else may be at play before it’s too late?

In the second series king is sent to Kashmir to negotiate the release of an entire family. Everything seems to be going fine until the local police are notified, causing the kidnappers to panic and take an entire bus hostage. King must continue his negotiations as the kidnappers have recaptured the son of the kidnapped family and are using him as their bargaining chip. As King attempts to diffuse the situation a new dilemma comes into light when it’s discovered that a passenger on the bus is the daughter of the British Foreign Secretary. As the police close in on the kidnappers they turn on one another causing a volatile situation to become ten times more explosive.

Kidnap and Ransom is one of those shows that unfolds before you in a very suspenseful way. The scenario’s reach critical mass very quickly, Eve does an excellent job of playing Dominic King as he plays a figurative chess game with the kidnappers, and it also helps that the music for the show adds yet more depth to the tension that builds in each episode (each season is divided into three episodes). Add that to the sights and sounds of the actual locations, the camera’s attention to detail and a very productive surround sound cinematic experience. Put it this way, I found myself ready to watch an episode a day and wound up watching all six in two. It’s that engaging and the writing and acting that immersive. You just never know what direction you’ll be headed in until the show hits its finale.

Bonus features on the disc include an interview with actor and producer Trevor Eve. Eve talks about how the production came together and why he chose to place himself in the role of Trevor Eve. There are also kidnap statistics with links to the sources where they were drawn from, a text introduction by writer Michael Crompton which explains the origins of the stories and what inspired them.

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