Last Man Standing: Season 3 (PREVIEW)

Last Man Standing

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8/7 c
Air Date: 
Friday, December 6, 2013
Sure, I know what Last Man Standing is, but I had yet to see an episode of the show starring Tim Allen of Home Improvement fame. I knew he was a guy who lived amongst women and that chances were likely he had some kind of man job (director of marketing for an “Outdoor Man” chain ironically), which he sort of does. So today I sat back and turned on the preview episode titled “Spanking” and gave it a go. How’d it turn out?
In this episode we find Mike Baxter (Allen), his wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis; Becker) and their daughter Kristin and boyfriend Ryan who have taken the two out for dinner as a thank you for all of the babysitting they’d done over the years. Upon returning to the nest they find that Grandpa Baxter (Robert Forester; Jackie Brown) has disciplined Boyd, Kristin and Ryan’s child, by spanking him. It all pretty much goes downhill form there. 
The show spends a lot of time trying to be smart by putting up both sides of the debate, though debate is a strong word considering the non-spankers look like idiots and the spankers look like saints. It’s hard to get a good grasp on immersion here when you’re constantly reminded just how unfunny this episode is and how it almost seems like the cast is bored out of their minds with the material. 
Allen makes some political quips, makes statements about growing up as a spanked child while his father belittles him for being too sensitive and teases him about a poem he once wrote about a flower. Where is all of this going? Answer, nowhere. 
It’s kind of obvious where the show will end, especially when Boyd’s parents act like complete tools to land the very predictable end to the episode. Everyone kind of just goes through the motions and before you know it it’s over and you forgot what you were just watching. 
To make matters worse there is a character on this show played by Christoph Sanders that just oozes Samuel “Screech” Powers, Steve Urkel, and Balki Bartokomous all rolled into one. It’s just an absolutely unnecessary character that takes an already watered down episode and makes it that much worse. 
Is the show terrible? I don’t know. I’ve only seen one episode, but chances are pretty good that I wont rush to Netflix to check out the seasons that the streaming services provides. All I know is this episode was bad, very bad.   
AJ Garcia
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