Laverne And Shirley: The Third Season

Laverne And Shirley

On DVD: 
Sunday, April 6, 2014

The complete season 3 of Laverne & Shirley comes with four DVDs, containing six episodes each. I understand why Laverne & Shirley was spun off from Happy Days. These two girls have strong personalities. Laverne (Penny Marshall) is outspoken and often feisty, and Shirley (Cindy Williams) is naïve and optimistic.

Laverne and Shirley live together, and they both work at Shotz Brewery capping bottles (yeah, seriously…). Therefore, both of them appear in virtually every scene in every episode.

What I like about the show is that just like many other sitcoms, it often transforms serious issues into humor. “The Slow Child” is a heart-warming episode on how they treat their landlady’s mentally challenged daughter. I also like Laverne’s hot-tempered father Frank De Fazio, who speaks with a strong Italian accent. My favorite episode is the one where Frank arranges a marriage for Laverne with a wealthy cheese factory owner in “Laverne's Arranged Marriage”.

What I dislike about the DVD set is that there is absolutely no extra material. I mean, no outtakes, no commentary and no interviews.

I don’t think Happy Days fans will automatically love Laverne & Shirley because the two series are quite different. Laverne & Shirley often features the relationship between father and daughter and issues with dating boys, therefore, the show naturally attracts a female audience. Many episodes are cute and sweet but also predictable and repetitive.

I did not laugh too much either.

Review by Pat Trabi