Lega-C: Off My Medication

Off My Medication

Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 31, 2012

“Off My Medication” by Lega-C (pronounced Legacy) is the debut album from the female raptress.  Maybe I should just say female rap assailant.  First off, she sounds like what I call real rap; kinda West-Coastish from the late 90's but definitely 2012.  Hard beats and a sleek, clean lyrical flow.  She comes off like a dude rapper but not sure if that’s a good look for her or not.  Her album cover is hard too.  You see an animated version of her looking at you menacingly with images of empty pill bottles all around her.  Her name printed in “KISS” type font helps build out the image.


I can appreciate her lyrical diversity because if I hear one more rap song talking about how much money you have and how much you want to go to the club to pick up hoes, I will have to nut up!  I can’t forget to mention though that Lega-C has her spend all the money in the world anthem in her track titled, “O-Ren Ishii”.  Now, there’s a dark element though, so positive bubble gum rap you will not find here.  Production is great.  You can assess Lega-C’s style after only a few tracks and when you finish the album, you get a full-rounded concept of who she is.


It’s unfortunate how you have to dig to find real artists that have unquestionable talent.  You independents and small labels need to get your marketing game up.  I’ll do my part to pass the word about this promising artist.




Zione Michaels
Review by Zione Michaels
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