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Level E

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Did You Know?

Adapted from the sci-fi Manga from Yoshihiro Togashi (YuYu Hakusho)

When I first had a peek at the trailer for Level E I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. My original assumption was that some alien was going to abduct a group of humans and take them to a planet where he would mess with them like pets or toys. That’s what the trailer left me with anyway.

When the BD/DVD combo pack arrived at my house I threw on disc one and sat back with zero expectations. Fortunately Vic Mignogna and his arsenal of incredible voice over talents hits you full force as Baka, an alien who has crash landed on Earth and seems to have amnesia. He settles down and makes himself comfortable in the apartment of Yukitaka, a high school baseball player who is new in town. The chemistry between these two characters is amazing. Yukitaka is a fly off the handle type with a dark past and Baka is a complete joker that likes messing with people. The formula had me rolling as the two characters played out in contrast.

Unfortunately the rest of the series ended up becoming a bit deviate as Baka starts to interact with different humans on Earth. I guess because the trailer never hinted that the series was going to be in a set universe of characters there’s no real reason why this sudden shift should affect the score for the entirety of the show. Still, I ended feeling like I was watching one of those paranormal type shows like Tales From The Crypt or Eerie Indiana. It was several tales of the unexplained from horror to humor, all set in an alien theme.

Did the show end up having consistency as far as humor and action go? Most definitely. It’s just a bit of shock to the system when the already acknowledged formula of Baka in his first human setting works so well and is then mostly abandoned for short stories. You’ll get your money’s worth in laughs and Mignogna’s iconic voice over work, just go in knowing it’s a series of shorts that tie in together at some point rather then a series with complete consistency. Do that and you’ll be fine.

Color is amazingly vibrant for this release. The definition, when applicable, is pretty solid. Because the series is a collection of tales each comes with it’s own kind of signature animation style. The third tale in the series looks pretty bad. It’s all flashback stuff so there is a sheen over the picture for a good majority of the running and faces seem to be pixilated as well. Other then that it’s a good looking series that shines for the most part. Audio is good.

~ Episodes 7 & 13 commentary
~Textless opening and closing songs
~Level E- Interview With A Prince: Interview with Vic Mignogna
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