In Theatres: 
Apr 13, 2012
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 35 Minutes

The synopsis for this film sounds like it was taken straight out of an 80’s B-movie. A man is wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and is sent to a maximum security prison…in space. It’s year 2079 and the world’s worst criminals have been shipped into space to carry out their sentences in stasis. Meanwhile, the President’s daughter is at the station making sure that the prisoners are still being treated properly and that the prolonged stasis isn’t making them go crazy. Unfortunately, something goes wrong in the process and the prisoners end up taking over the facility. Now, there’s only one man can save the President’s daughter and clear his name.

Guy Pearce plays Snow, a former government agent who ends up at MS1, the maximum security prison in space. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t take crap from anyone and will always find time to crake a joke at someone else’s expense. That’s the best thing about Lockout. Snow is the type of guy who completes his mission and looks good doing it. He doesn’t care who he pisses off or who gets in his way.

Emilie (Maggie Grace), on the other hand, cares about the other hostages in the prison and is a prime example of the President’s daughter. Thankfully, she isn’t just some figurehead type character who’s there to look pretty and get in the way. She can actually hold her own ground, somewhat. Sure, Snow has to give her a push every now and then but she’s a decent leading woman.

Based in the future, Lockout attempts to create this alternate sci-fi reality. The world is filled with touch screens, flying robots, and automated machines that attempt to convince you that you’re in the future. Some parts work well while others not so much. Giant touch screen tables? Sure. Space suits that allow you to plummet through the Earth’s atmosphere? Not by 2079 I believe. Much of the film is a bit ridiculous. Then again, it kinda has to be when you’re talking about a prison floating in space.

Lockout has some shining moments that make it an overall enjoyable experience. Don’t expect a masterpiece but if you’re looking for some nonsensical fun, a floating prison in space is the place to be.

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Matt Rodriguez
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