Lost: The Complete Collection (BLU-RAY)


Regular Air Date: 
September 22, 2004-May 23, 2010
On DVD: 
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

According to Jorge Garcia, when Terry O'Quinn stabs Matthew Fox in the finale, he accidentally stabbed him with a real knife he picked up instead of a stunt knife. The knife penetrated Fox's stunt gear but luckily didn't get to his skin.

First, this review will contain spoilers.  Anyone talking about Lost from now until the end of time, will contain spoilers.  If you don't know that by now, warnings really won't do you any good.

Ok, I will delve into the blu-rays themselves first.  I will get into the actual packaging later in the review.  Sit back, this is a long one. 

The quality is fantastic.  The blu-ray releases of LOST have been crystal clear from the beginning (as can be seen in our previous reviews here).  These are the same first 5 seasons that were previously released so no reason to go into depth there.  The 6th season stays in the same quality vane as the first 5.

The bonus disc of season 6 features the much talked about "The New Man in Charge" featurette, which has been rumored to be the mini-pilot for a proposed spinoff featuring Locke and Ben but, after viewing, it is clear that this was intended only for this set as the writing quality is that of a lower budget show rather than what we have come to love about Lost.  Not to say it's bad, in fact it's quite entertaining.  Also features the always funny bloopers, a bunch of deleted scenes and seemingly endless featurettes, none of which you will be scouring for clues any longer :(.  The exclusive bonus disc features more deleted scenes, more featurettes and a tutorial and "history" lesson of the game of senet.



The inital box is solid, but it is technically a throw away (though I'm sure most of you will keep it sitting around for a while, along with your iPhone box that you just can't let go of but serves no purpose).  You pull out the even more solid ACTUAL set, and you pop the top of the box off (which looks something like an Aztec pyramid.  Cool but really nothing to do witht he show.  Perhaps it was supposed to be the platform that the "foot" was on that housed Jacob but it would have been cooler if there were actually a severed foot sitting on top.)

The box top comes completely off (just aching to be, well, lost.).  There is a puzzle in this area that you will have to figure out yourself.  The bottom features an embossed map of the island. 

When you get into the box, there are 3 areas.  The top and bottom have little fabric pulls to open up slots that feature the black light flashlight, the talisman, a letter and the pieces to the game (essentially a bunch of real rocks and fake blocks of wood).

The two areas on the top and bottom have the fabric pulls but the middle area is mysteriously missing this, which makes it a little difficult to pull out.  Up first is a  mini episode guide.  Under that is the game board.  Once you remove the guide and the book, there are tabs on the side that allow you to pull up the blu-rays, which are kind of heavy for a paper pull but it is a complete wrap around that scoops the blu-rays from below.  The cardboard scoop features the hatch map that comes alive with the black light.  The blu-rays are put in the long slim cardboard cases.  A little on the cheap side as you don't like putting $200 worth of discs in essentially a glorified piece of paper but it is pretty secure.  Each seasons features the same discs as the original blu-ray releases.  There are no bonus featureas added to each season nor were the discs reprinted.  Not a big deal for me but it might irritate some that have already bought the first 5 seasons.  The great thing about this box of blu-rays is that each season slips in the case but it doesn't have the annoying commong design that pushes the flap out the other end.  A great design that gets a huge thumbs up.

People have been talking about the promised bonus disc missing from this set.  Rest assured, it is NOT missing.  In true LOST fashion, you just have to do a little work to get to it.  That's all I can really say about it but just know that you were not ripped off, just look at the clues and you won't be disappointed.  Just be careful doing it, don't try to tear open your box and don't try to forcefully remove anything as you might damage the box.

BOTTOM LINE: The box set is amazing, the special features are amazing.  It's a solid release.  The only thing keeping it from a perfect A+ (4.50) is the damage caused by getting to the bonus disc and the fact that most people will probably find it bothersome to have to work your way into a bonus disc.


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