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Magic City

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Set in Miami in the late 1950s, Magic City tells the story of Ike Evans, a hotel owner trying to keep his dream afloat amidst political upheaval, labor fiascos, and family drama. Naturally, connections with the mob also surface pretty quickly, setting up the central conflict throughout this season. It's a family business, so you get the dynamics of his two sons working for his hotel in various roles and the drama that ensues from those dynamics.

From a visual standpoint, it's incredibly stylized and pretty. The production makes it look very rich and vibrant, yet classic like the era it's depicting. I get the sense that the creators were perhaps shorting for a Sopranos-type drama, with a Mad Men sort of aesthetic. Classic fashions and cars adorn the scenery, making it very easy on the eyes. And yes, given all these factors, it looks fantastic on Blu-Ray. If you're going to watch this show, this is the format to go with.

Jeffery Dean Morgan and Danny Huston are as solid and awesome as you might expect. The rest of the cast delivers as well. Storywise, it does feel like we've experienced this before. That's not to take away from the skill on display, just that the story doesn't feel incredibly original. Perhaps as the series progresses, it'll move into less traveled territory. There are hints of connections to the political conflicts in Cuba, which would be a pretty cool storyline for the show to explore. In it's current state, I don't see myself following this series, but if the time period interests you, this might be worth your while.

Jeremy Hunt
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