Make Your Movie

Make Your Movie: What you Need to Know About the Business and Politics of Filmmaking

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012
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Make Your Movie, wrote by Barbara Freedman Doyle, is a book about going from deciding you want to work on a film to having a finished product that can be shown at festivals and everything in between. After reading this book I discovered that it’s not a self help book, it’s not one of those books that read like you’re building a bookshelf, it’s a manual that gives great working information that can be used to work in films. Barbara Freedman Doyle has a wide and long background working in the film industry and it shows in this book. There is a lot of detail about what really happens in the process of making a movie that is only known to the people that work in it.

Being someone that wants to make working in the film industry my career I’ve read a lot of books on what to do and there are a lot of books out there. Make Your Movie is different then all the other books that tell you how to write a script (in great detail), how to sell your script, making shorts, or making a feature and so much more but none tell you how to get into the film industry. When I first decided that I wanted to work on films I hadn’t taken any college courses on the subject, I’d never been to a film school, and I had no inside connection to get me on a film. What I had was an ever growing urge to be a part of a film crew but no way of knowing how to do that and with a lot of looking and more luck than anything else, I got on a film as an intern. I was prepared for anything working on that movie and it showed. While other interns from film schools they had the advantage of knowing what the language was and what was going on whereas I was just as lost as if I were listening in on a conversation in another language.

What does that little story have to do with the book Make Your Movie? Everything! If I had had this book at the start I would have been much better off and probably a lot further along with my film career than I am now. Everything that I learned I did the hard way but this book tells you what you need to know the easy way, from someone that’s already done it. As I said above, this book is a manual and as one it tells you what you need to know to work in and/or on a film without going into full detail. There is a section about how to write a script but it’s not in complete detail but rather the outline to get you going.

Barbara Freedman Doyle gives the information in an easy to read layout that allows the content to go by fast without it going out of my head just as fast. Nearly everything that needs to be known about going from start to being on a film is in this book. For example, at the start of the book she gives information about starting off as a intern on a film and why you should do a position as a intern that consists of not being paid and treated as a servant. I’ve done this and I know what she says is very true and she writes it where it makes better sense in why it should be done then what I’ve told my friends. As well as to having many sections about what you should do and how to do it, Barbara Freedman Doyle goes further by giving comments from former film school graduates to people that have been working in films for a very long time. But the most helpful aspect I found to the book was the resume guide in the back that tells and shows how a good resume should be and look. I’ve been working on my resume for years and I’m always changing it to make it look as professional as I can. Just about everything you would need to know about working in the film industry is given in this book and it will help any new film industry worker as well as help the ones just getting into films. The only thing missing in this book that disappointed me was the position for Still Photographer. With a chapter dedicated to telling about the job titles/positions as well as what is done in that job there was one position left out, the still photographer. This position seems to be overlooked or forgotten about and being a still photographer I was looking forward to reading what she had to say about what I need to do to go further. This one position was not given, even though there was one given to animals. Other than that, I will be using Make Your Movie as my guide and manual to keep myself on course for working the film industry.

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