Martin Clunes's Wild Life

Martin Clunes's Wild Life

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Running Time: 
278 minutes

BBC star Martin Clunes, known for his role on the shows Doc Martin and Men Behaving Badly, take you on a journey through the life of some animals. In this documentary Martin Clunes explores the progression that dogs have went from being wild to a pet, the role of a working horse, the life of the manta ray in Maldives, keeping the lemur safe in Madagascar, and a personal experience for Martin Clunes at the lion reserve in Kenya. Each of these 5 documentaries delves into the personal relationship between man and beast that both entertains and educates the viewer. This is also a personal experience for the actor as he travels around getting more insight in the life of these animals that allows the viewer to get a different look at Martin Clunes.

Marin Clunes's Wild Life comprises of 5 different documentaries that has an actor giving some facts about 5 different animals while also trying to make it fun. Reading the description about this DVD set I expected this to be like any other documentary where an actor is the host but it's not. Instead of having the actor talking about some animals that sound like it's a memorized script that's being done by either someone that can make their voice sound interesting to the viewer and make the viewer believe the host is interested in the topic or it's just boring. What makes Martin Clunes's Wild Life different is that the actor, Martin Clunes, is actually interested in the topics that he is talking about.

If you know the work that Martin Clunes has done on the show Doc Martin then you will know that on the show his character don't care for animals that much. However, with Wild Life you learn that the real life man, Martin Clunes, is actually a really big animal lover and owner and he's taken the time to talk about some animals that he likes. That's exactly what these documentaries are, an actor that is talking about something that he is passionate about and turn it into something that can be fun and educational for all ages.

Even though this says that it's only 5 documentaries it's actually 6, the first one, “A Man and His Dogs”, that's actually 2 parts. I don't know if it's that Martin Clunes likes dogs the most and because he does he had so much to say that he made it a 2 part documentary or maybe it was already planned that way, but while watching I found out that he really likes dogs. Sure there are some fun facts along the way that I learned about dogs, I also got entertained by seeing some of the dogs in action, but for the most part this was about Martin Clunes getting to find out about dogs for himself. Which what this feels like to me is that it's more of a personal learning experience for Martin Clunes that just so happens to be getting filmed at the time. Let me put it this way, I love comics, I read them all the time, I talk about them every day, and I always go to the comic shop at least once a week. Well, Wild Life would be like me doing all those things but getting filmed while doing them and me talking into the camera as I do it. Don't get me wrong, this was entertaining and I did learn some facts about some of the animals but I still got the feeling that this was something that Martin Clunes wanted to do and because he's an actor he was able to do it. That's not a bad thing, each of these documentaries has some very cool places in the world that I've never seen before and most likely will never get to go to myself, I learned some things about animals I didn't know anything about, as well as learning some about animals I did know about. Martin Clunes passion comes out very clearly in his presentation, which helps keep it interesting. I would have liked each of the topics to have been 2 parts because the one is over quicker than I expected and left me wanting more. Actually, now that I write that I suppose that's good, a show that entertained me while teaching me and then left me wanting more rather then not wanting to watch it again.

Lee Roberts
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