Melinda And Melinda

Melinda And Melinda

On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Running Time: 
100 minutes

As friends sit down for drinks they try to figure out if it is indeed comedy or tragedy that is the essence of life by telling the same woman’s story twice. Melinda crashes into a dinner party causing lives to change, romances to occur, affairs to happen, and relationships to end. The comedy and the tragedy have two different casts with Jonny Lee Miller, and Chloe Sevigny taking on the tragedy and Will Ferrell and Amanda Peet heading up the comedy. Both sides share the same Melinda played by Radha Mitchell.

While the concept is interesting the execution is flawed. First the jumping back and forth between the genres really causes both stories to lose something. Then the tragic plot is more predominant than the comedic giving the movie a very lopsided feel. And just to add to the jumble the comedy side is not very funny and the tragedy side is not that tragic. Of course none of this is due to the lack of trying from the actors, they really all give great performances. To top it all off there are no bonus features. If you are a huge Woody Allen fan then maybe this is a rental; but even that is pushing it.

Review by Pandora
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