Monsters: The Complete Series

Monsters: Complete Series

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It ran for three season, airing 72 episodes, has a total running time of 1,560 minutes (that's over 25 hours), and had such actors as Adrienne Barbeau, Barbara Billingsley, Linda Blair, Soupy Sales, Steve Buscemi, Wil Wheaton, Matt LaBlanc, Jerry Stiller, Gina Gershon, Tony Shaloub, and many more. I'm talking about the show Monsters that ran from 1988 to 1990 where all sorts of odd, somewhat disturbing monsters and creatures had time to scare anyone willing to watch. Each episode was about a different monster but for me to get into exactly what each episode was about would take too long write and way too long to read. To sum it up, this show is a late 80's horror show that dared to take on a different way of telling a story that features monsters.

Monsters has did not age well when it comes to the picture quality and the effects used on the show but I was more amused and entertained with this show than I have been with any of these newer horror movies/series. Where today the attempt of horror is done by trying to shock, disgust, and be simply gory, Monsters was a show that tried to entertain. Right from the start Monsters was taking on a different twist to the monster style show. It's what I liked a lot about this how, that opening with the simple but catchy theme playing as we see a normal looking neighborhood from the air. Inside the house it looks like it's a typical family getting ready to watch TV when we see that it's really a family of monsters. When the little girl goes, “Shh, it's starting”, it sets the mood for the show and it's just funny.

What this show did that was different was making the monsters funny as well as creepy and scary. There's still the main theme of a horror show in the episodes of Monsters but the writers also put in elements of humor, even when it was mixed with horror or in the case of the episode, “My Zombie Lover” that's pretty much all humor. I liked that this show was different, with some humor as well as keeping the horror plots. There were also some twist endings, not anything that was mind blowing but it did give the show a small element of surprise and difference.

Why I said the show didn't age well is because of the picture quality but also the looks of the monsters and aliens. This show used make up, prosthetic, costumes, and other items that are made by a prop and make up artist. Sure it might not look real most of the time, most of them are a little cheesy looking, but it has more style then a lot of computer graphics, even though it does have a cheap look. Still, I actually liked the way the monsters look, they have a semi-real look to them because they are actually there rather than just being a graphic. Not only does the show entertain with the way it looks, the corny but fun story plots, but it also has a ton of now well known actors. It was fun and funny to see these actors when they are young and doing roles that I wasn't expecting to see them in. So it doesn't look as sharp and clear as shows being made today, the monsters have a little cheap look, the plots are corny, and the acting can be rough at times, but the overall show is entertaining and I laughed more than I expected I would.

Lee Roberts
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