Mr. Holmes

Mr. Holmes

On DVD: 
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Running Time: 
104 Minutes

     Ian McKellen (X-Men, Lord of the Rings) plays the aging Holmes whose just returned from Japan to his home in Sussex where has has been living quite uncomfortably with his last case haunting him and living with the knowledge that his mind is escaping him.
     My first attempt at watching Mr. Holmes, I fell asleep. Honestly, the film runs at a snails pace. The music is too relaxing as well. When I returned to it later I made sure that I was ready to take on the film. A suggestion that I recommend for anyone who isn't quite hip to the fact that this is a slow film.
     The film actually consists of three separate plots scattered through different timelines. Sherlock's final case, which happens to link his caretakers son Roger and himself, the Roger (Milo Parker: Robot Overlords) and Holmes timeline, and the timeline in which Sherlock visits Japan. Though a bit drab at times, the film somewhat makes the connection between all three timelines.

     Laura Linney (The Big C) offers support as Sherlock's caretaker, a war widow whose life revolves around preparing meals for Sherlock and her son Roger.
     Roger sweeps and sometimes takes care of Sherlock's Bee's, but for the most part he's the device which drives the Mr. Holmes story. That of a curious young boy whose mischief has landed him in the old writings of Sherlock's right hand man Watson, who brings back old memories for Sherlock as well as creates a friendship that's been absent from his life since Watson left.

     The release comes with some relatively quick, but decent behind the scenes bonus features, neither of which surpass the 5 minute mark together, as well as a digital copy for those that have an Ultraviolet/Vudu library. Overall, not the best iteration of Sherlock, but certainly not the worst.   

AJ Garcia
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