My Name is Modesty

My Name is Modesty

On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Running Time: 
78 minutes

Modesty Blaise was an orphan; but keeps her past a secret. Until one night her boss is killed and the casino she works at has been taken over. Now she must entertain her kidnapper with tales from her past in order to save her friends. But even while doing this Modesty plots her revenge and looks for the right moment to attack.

The movie is entertaining and the past stories of Modesty suck you in. There is also commentary, a look at the comics and artwork, the making of, and more. While Alexandra Staden brings the character Modesty to life the end of the movie is a letdown compared to the rest. It isn’t a big budget film which doesn’t take away from the film; but the final scene seems badly timed and forced. However even with this fans of Modesty can still find enjoyment.

Review by Pandora
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