Nikita: Season 2 (BLU-RAY)


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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
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What if?Writing the Fate of Division, Living the Life Maggie Q, Gag Reel, Unaired Scenes, and Commentary

Still on the run and looking to take down the agency Division that she once worked for is Nikita's (played by Maggie Q) only goal. When she is able to accomplish this her life with Michael (played by Shane West) can finally live their lives together without the fear of being hunted down. In the meantime however, Nikita must deal with her protégée Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) chasing her down to kill her at the orders of Division. With double agents, once thought dead agents, and even lost family members coming out of the woodwork, Nikita faces some tough times and choices that must be made.

I was lost from the start of the show and pretty much all the way until the middle of the season. Reason being is that I never watched season 1. Sure, I watched and reviewed the pilot episode of season 1 but that was the only episode I've seen of Nikita until now. Some shows I'm able to jump right in at any point and still be able to catch up pretty quick on the plot and characters. Nikita is not one of those shows and I found out very quickly that for me to fully appreciate this season of the show I should go back and watch season 1. I didn't, mainly because I don't have it and I also don't have the time to, which is why I'm still not fully informed on this show.

There's so many different characters that appear in this show through out the season, some are in it pretty much every episode and some that just pop in at random times or just once. There's plot points that are being referenced back to what I can only imagine happening in season 1 and characters that first appeared in that season. Not that individual episode’s are hard to follow, the actual plots of each episode are easy to keep up with and pretty much keep the same format through the whole season. It's not knowing who the characters are and their relationships to each other and how they impact what is happening at certain times. Other than that the show is basically about Nikita, a one-time agent who is supposed to be the best that is no longer working for the secret agency so they want her dead. She of course spends her time running from them, going after them, beating up a lot of people, getting in a lot of fights with other beautiful women, and trying to make time with her boyfriend and have a friendship with the tech guy.

Nikita wasn't that exciting of a show for me because it does have the same format through the whole season. Sure there's a lot of action, lots and lots of fighting, and it don't hurt that Maggie Q is a beautiful woman that is always wearing some very sexy outfits, but the show still got kind of boring. Even if I had seen the first season and knew all the characters I don't think I would have found this season too exciting. Maggie Q and Shane West give the best performances in the cast but like all the characters used in this show, they never grow. I think the writers are trying to make Nikita more by having her and Michael together and by having her work with Alex but nothing more is developed with the characters. Their personalities are the same, they do the same thing in each episode, and the same things keep happening to them. There are a few moments that some surprises take place but it's not enough to give any depth to the show. Nikita is a show that's good for eye candy and to get away from way too many reality shows but if you are looking for a show that will drawn you in making you now want to miss one episode then this wouldn't be the show, at least it wasn't for me.

I might not have been too thrilled or enthralled with the show itself but I did enjoy the Blu Ray experience of the show. Nikita looks good, not great, there are moments in the show that I can see the noise in the dark scenes and the graphics used stand out more rather then blending in to look natural. It has good audio levels, which is important for this show because there is a lot of action and explosions that could make the audio levels go from just right to too loud but it don't. Best of all though was the gag reel, I do love me some gag reels.


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