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Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Noy is an Israeli born singer/songwriter who began her musical journey at the age of 5 where she received instruction both in Israel and New York in vocal training. At 10 she studied the history of music and opera and then later, at fifteen, joined a band and performed all over Israel. 
On her self-titled album Noy offers up a lot of depth ranging from heartbreak to finding love to overcoming tragedy, and not in the usual cookie cutter fashion were used to in the Top 40. I really enjoyed the album on the lyrical stand point. Well written and interesting in a fresh new way. 
As a vocalist I can certainly see a bit of a theatrical aspect to Noy’s style. Since she studied Opera that makes sense. Words are overly, but properly, pronounced, emotions aren’t merely delivered but fired off with the kind of passion you can see an actor throwing their entire selves into, and occasionally delivery seems a bit read. I recall thinking the first track on the album, Love Trap, sounded like a karaoke performance, albeit a good one. 
I can honestly say I didn’t find the album 100% polished. There are times when the music sounds kind of third rate, like someone is channeling an old 70’s movie soundtrack, and Noy’s vocals seem to be a bit shunted by the potpourri of sound production. I could listen to one song and hear vocals waning from off a bit to pitch perfect or listen to another song and find it almost immaculate, but completely fluid in production. 
The album flirts with Jazz, Pop, and Contemporary while honing a Broadway Musical edge. I’d honestly like to see what Noy could do on stage with her range and passion or possibly pair her up with a more experienced producer. Until then, I think this album will be a decent enough experience for fans of the above mentioned genres and hopefully she continues to offer up stellar writing and follows through with the same kind of passion she hints at here.   
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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