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Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Season Five of One Piece has been absolutely fantastic, possibly the best of the bunch since the releases began. This time we meet not only Luffy’s Grandfather, who has a surprising occupation and whose relationship with Luffy is a bit dysfunctional, but also we learn who Luffy’s Father is and what sets he and Luffy apart by oceans. 
In the last episode The Going Merry was all but completely destroyed in the crews escape from The Gates of Judgment. At the start of this chapter the ship is given a sending off ceremony, but what good is a crew without a ship? 
Fortunately Franky and his crew have something to give the Straw Hat crew that’s going to help set their course back on line as far as their continuing journey goes. Unfortunately, despite the pirates having won over the admiration of the people, the Marines have come to the island looking for Luffy and the crew and the big surprise is who has come along with them. 
Just as things are getting good the season gets about three filler episodes tossed into the middle of a well flowing story. I won’t say that I hated the three filler episodes, but I didn’t like that they broke up the momentum of the story that was building, not that we haven’t been here before with previous releases. 
When the show gets back on track we find instantly jump right back into the wow factor of the crews journey. I really, really loved the evolution of this story arc. Family matters arise, non-blood family bonds are formed, and the crew get what they need to head off to what looks to be another grand adventure. I highly recommend this release as well as the previous releases for season five (if you decide to start here and not at the beginning).  
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