One Piece: Season Four - First Voyage

One Piece

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

When last we left The Straw Hat Crew they were battling their way out of a Marine base after having come down from Skypiea and landing smack dab in the middle of it. The crew manage to make their escape and wash up on the island of Long Ring Long Land, a place that would probably make Dr. Seuss proud. Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp have a run in with an old man who has a very interesting tale about his weherabouts for the last ten years and who explains all about the mysterious island, its strange features, and the reason why the island has such a strange name.

Of course it’s not long before trouble arrives. This time trouble comes in the form of the Foxy Pirate crew, a massive collection of pirates brought together under one banner using the Davy Back Fight method. A challenge is issued and as usual Luffy jumps in feet first, even without understanding what’s at cost.

Davy Back Fight: A Davy Back fight consists of 1 to 3 games in which both crews compete against one another. The team that wins a match is allowed to recruit any one crew member from the losing team.

For all intents and purposes Voyage One of Season Four is a filler installment, albeit a pretty awesome one. Once we find the crew competing in the Davy Back Fight that’s pretty much all we see for this installment. Not to worry though, this is one amazing event with a race at sea, a sport unlike any other, and a new more lethal take on roller derby that will have you on your feet and pumping your fists in the air for everyone’s favorite pirate crew. Unfortunately this installment manages to semi-muck it up somewhat in the end.

Despite creating a ton of excitement during the Davy Back Fight games the arc sticks around just a bit longer then it should. Just imagine if your competing in a mile race, competition has been tough but has pushed your adrenaline outpour to new heights, your just about to close out your final lap and it looks like your going to win, then you find out you have to run a surprise extra lap. It kind of takes the wind out of your sails. I was a bit disappointed with how the arc for this installment tends to just, well, go on, but it does end with a  rather awesome match up which leaves us hanging on a very well placed cliff hanger. Still, an excellent return from the Straw Hat Crew. Fan or not this will prove to be awesome for all.

Bonus features include the always welcomed Marathon Feature, Commentary on some episodes, Textless opening and closing songs, U.S. Trailer and other Trailers.  

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