One Piece: Season Four, Voyage Five

One Piece

Season Four Voyage Five
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One Piece Season Four, Voyage Five finds the straw hat crew in disarray as Robin has turned herself into the CP9 in exchange for the safety of the crew and rushed away onboard a floating sea train, the storm of all storms is about to strike and Luffy and Zoro are lost somewhere in the danger zone of the city, sure to be washed away by the raging sea. To make matters worse Usopp is captured and being held hostage by the CP9 aboard the floating sea train and Nami and Chopper are wandering around hopelessly looking for members of their crew.

Not a whole lot happens in this chapter of One Piece. We come in just as Robin is taken aboard the sea train and whisked away by the CP9. From then on the crew must pull together and find some way of chasing after the sea train during one of the fiercest storms on record without their trusty ship The Going Merry, which has been lost to them.

Story is limited to a handful of fight sequences as the crew attempt their rescue and come across some hurdles. We get a glimpse at Robin’s past and see some bad guys with really cool powers. Other then that it’s just a frantic chase and a half dozen battles. Lots of humor, some awesome fights, but no real evolution to the story, but fans of the show know that some installments can be more filler then actual thriller. Still worth checking out.

Bonus features include the usual Marathon Play option, Commentaries, textless opening and closing songs, and trailers. You also get two behind the scenes features, one with Colleen Clickenbeard (Luffy) that was a little disappointing. I was really looking forward to her doing a brief performance of Luffy via live interview. Not much by way of vital information but a quick little interview for kicks. 

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