One Tree Hill: The Complete Fifth Season

One Tree Hill

On DVD: 
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The fifth season of the hit show One Tree Hill comes to DVD. When the fourth season of One Tree Hill ended, the main characters of the show were vowing to keep in touch even though they had graduated high school and were getting ready to disperse across the country to colleges or other endeavors. Rather that portray those college years on the show, the writers took a different approach and jumped forward four years.

Season five starts off with everyone finished with college and well on their way to becoming successful adults, or not. Lucas, (Chad Michael Murray) has successfully had his novel printed but is struggling to come up with an idea for a second. Peyton is in LA frustrated with the music industry and her inability to do anything. Nathan was seconds away from realizing his NBA dream only to have it torn from him. His wife Haley is struggling to balance teaching and her family and Brooke is fighting to run the fashion company she built. Everyone is older and wiser in the ways of the world but now have a whole new set of “adult” issues they have to deal with.

One Tree Hill is one of the many shows on TV that for the most part are geared towards teens and 20somethings. What sets One Tree Hill Apart from similar shows in that genre though is the acting. This is the fifth season and while new characters are introduced from time to time, the main “story” characters have had four seasons to grow in their roles and everyone knows what they should be doing in a particular situation. Some of the credit should rightfully go to the writers but it is the actors who portray that writing to the screen and the cast of One Tree Hill does it exceptionally well.

Speaking of writers, that is another strong suite of the show, not just the dialogue but the actual story lines of the episodes, while not always quite believable, are engaging. They don't shy away from issues and the main themes of the show, love and friendship shine through every episode. One Tree Hill also has an unusual style of direction/cinematography in that a majority of the show is done with background music, usually to fit the current scene. For some shows that style would not work but for One Tree Hill it is perfect. That, combined with the excellent writing and the actor's portrayal of said writing on the screen equate to the perfect mix of a show.

Review by William Henderson