Paul D'Adamo: Tell Me Something

Tell Me Something

(Paul D'Adamo)
Release Date: 
Friday, November 2, 2012

Like everyone that listens to music knowing the right song and genre of music to play depends on the mood. Whether you are already in the mood or trying to set a mood, the right song(s) can really make a big difference if things will go right or wrong. In the case of jazz music, at least for me, I use it during moments when I want a quiet evening talking but would like to have some music in the background that's both entertaining yet can go both noticed and unnoticed or when I'm in a romantic mood and want to play something with a sexy sound to it. Paul D'Adamo has put out a jazz album that has 2 elements in it that make the songs on Tell Me Something have a good sound that I didn't want to listen to.
Let me start by explaining what I didn't want to listen to and why I didn't want to be listening to. The lyrics. It's simple, the lyrics on this album are so love struck sappy that I felt like this could be some teenager talking about his first love. These lyrics are so love struck that I couldn't stand listening to one and a half songs at a time. It took all my willpower to push through hearing this man sing about love and how much he was in love. Not that I'm against a song abut someone being love but when every song is that way and it's done in a way that it could be related to someone dancing around on tip toes sing I'm in love I'm in love then it's too much.
On the other side of the coin though I did want to hear the way the instruments were being played. These songs, minus the lyrics, and note I say lyrics not vocals, would have been some decent jazz songs. There's some good bass notes being played in the songs, the rhythms are strong giving the overall sound a catchy beat to like. Though the lyrics might be on the sappy side the energy and enthusiasm being put behind those lyrics is clearly heard in the vocals. I might not have liked what he was singing about and I might think they are too sappy but I can't deny that Paul D'Adamo has a good voice. He's smooth, the vocals don't peak at the wrong moments, and he has the sound of a good R&B singer, but with too much love to talk about.


Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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